What’s happening with the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program? What will the future of military aircrew training in Canada look like? How do we maximize the program’s benefits to create opportunities for Canadians?

Hear from two leading experts in aircrew training on the latest CDR Podcast!

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(Total 32:58)


  • (3:38) – Why did Canadian companies CAE and KF Aerospace come together to compete as a team for the FAcT Program?
  • (5:35) – An update on the status of the program
  • (6:30) – “We built strength on strength.” On the unique and critical capabilities Canadian companies bring to Future Aircrew Training.
  • (8:10) – “When we go on UN operations, everybody wants a Canadian there because they value our ability to make decisions. We have a good reputation for our Canadian training.” (on what our allies think about Canada’s military pilots)
  • (12:16) – Lessons learned from being on the business side after a career in the RCAF (in-service support behind the pilot training)
  • (13:53) – On incorporating rear-aircrew training into the program based on lessons learned as the incumbents for pilot training
  • (17:00) – On the holistic expertise the SkyAlyne Team brings to FAcT
  • (19:17) – On the transition to FAcT and why experience on the current programs is so crucial to mitigating risk to the RCAF
  • (22:25) – On applying emerging technologies and innovations used (such as VR/AR) to military pilot and aircrew training in Canada
  • (26:55) – Will Indigenous Peoples and businesses be a part of SKyAlyne’s solution for FAcT?
  • (30:29) – “I want a collaborative program, a FAcT enterprise that constitutes both the contractor and the customer joined at the hip, working together and succeeding towards training our aircrew. We are Canadian, and we want what’s best for our Royal Canadian Air Force. We take this close to our hearts.” (on SkyAlyne’s personal investment in ensuring Canada receives the very best training and service through FAcT)

About the Speakers:

Abir Kazan is the capture manager for SkyAlyne. Abir has spent more than 20 years working on complex proposals for CAE and is SkyAlyne’s primary point of contact with Canada on the FAcT Program.

Bill Ryan is SkyAlyne’s deputy general manager, a retired RCAF pilot and veteran of the first Gulf War in Iraq. He was formerly site manager for KF Aerospace at the CFTS program in Southport, MB.