SkyAlyne provides the best possible solution for the RCAF and Canada through the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program.

SkyAlyne represents a unique and exciting opportunity for Canada to fully control its future military pilot and aircrew training capabilities. We are the most experienced Canadian aircrew training provider and the lowest risk option when transitioning to the new program and making sure it is a success for years to come.

Our track record managing the current pilot training programs in Canada speaks for itself. Here are some more reasons why we think SkyAlyne is the best choice for the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program.

Listen: CDR Episode 21 – SkyAlyne

What’s happening with the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program? What will the future of military aircrew training in Canada look like? How do we maximize the program’s benefits to create opportunities for Canadians? Abir Kazan, SkyAlyne Capture Manager, and Bill Ryan, Deputy General Manager, in the CDR podcast!

Source: CDR Podcast

Why is SkyAlyne the best choice for Canada?

We are Truly Canadian

  • Our parent companies are Canadian-founded and rooted. Our pan-Canadian team of subcontractors supports our solution for the FAcT Program. Learn more.

  • 100% of all economic benefits stay in Canada with SkyAlyne’s selection for FAcT. Any potential export of our expertise to allies and partners in the future will see those benefits return to Canada. Learn more.

  • Military pilot and aircrew training will remain a Key Industrial Capability under Canadian control for the long term, regardless of any external world events and emergencies that might disrupt the normal flow of operations.

We provide the lowest transition risk

  • We are already delivering two excellent pilot training programs for the RCAF/DND through our parent companies. We will build on those skills and lessons learned and take aircrew training in Canada to the next level immediately. Learn more.

  • As the incumbent contractors, we provide the lowest risk of interruption of service. Our staff, contracts and processes are already in place and ready to be “spooled up” to the FAcT program requirements. Learn more.

  • We are the only solution that offers opportunities to accelerate improvements and delivery in advance of the FAcT contract start date.

As industry leaders, our capabilities extend to all areas needed for Future Aircrew Training

  • CAE is a global leader in simulation and innovative aircrew training courseware and technology. New offerings such as the CAE Trax Academy – an advanced pilot training continuum that utilizes AR/VR – will provide the RCAF with additional options to maximize training and minimize the factors that lead to pilot shortages. Learn more.

  • KF Aerospace is Canada’s largest commercial aviation maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider. KF’s expertise in aircraft maintenance and engineering is unparalleled and reflected by its excellent track record delivering timely, quality results for its commercial customers and for the Royal Canadian Air Force. Learn more.

  • We have a pan-Canadian team of expert subcontractors with the experience and expertise to provide all levels of additional in-service support. These companies are all Canadian and all have a proven track record supporting the RCAF. Learn more.

A Tale of Two Canadian Visionaries

(Clockwise from left) Former RCAF pilot Mr. Ken Patrick, founder of CAE; the first Kelowna Flightcraft office (with Barry Lapointe’s dog Drum); Barry Lapointe, founder of Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd in 1970 (now KF Aerospace); CAE’s head office in Montreal in the 1960’s.

The SkyAlyne partnership was formed in 2018, but its story begins long before.

CAE was founded in 1947 in Montreal, Quebec, by ex-RCAF officer Mr. Ken Partick. Mr. Patrick’s goal was to “…create something Canadian and take advantage of a war-trained team that was extremely innovative and very technology-intensive.”

Today, CAE is a worldwide leader in pilot and aircrew training, simulation and support. CAE has 160 training locations in 35 countries and more than 10,000 employees – 4700+ of them in Canada.

KF Aerospace is a great Canadian story. Kelowna Flightcraft Ltd. (now KF Aerospace) was founded in 1970 in British Columbia’s beautiful Okanagan Valley by Mr. Barry Lapointe. Mr. Lapointe is a lifelong aviation enthusiast. He began flying at 16, and as a young Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, started a small aircraft repair business that would grow to become Canada’s largest aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul organization.

Today, KF Aerospace employs more than 1,100 Canadians in four locations across the country. Mr. Lapointe is still the CEO of KF Aerospace. He was inducted into the Canadian Aviation Hall of Fame in 2018.

At SkyAlyne, we’re very proud of our Canadian roots and to stand on the shoulders of two great Canadians.