Supporting the RCAF’s training programs extends beyond providing in-flight and simulator training.

As the incumbent training partners of the Royal Canadian Air Force, SkyAlyne’s parent companies and subcontractors provide a full range of operational support services at Southport (KF Aerospace – CFTS Program) and Moose Jaw/Cold Lake (CAE – NFTC Program).

With SkyAlyne providing support services on everything from classroom learning to airfield management and even meal preparation and delivery, the military can focus on finding and training the best pilots and aircrew for the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF).

The Lowest Transition Risk

As we look forward to the Future Aircrew Training Program, SkyAlyne is in a unique position. Our team is already on-site and in place – ready to synergize the two existing programs and “spool up” to meet the new requirements of the FAcT program.

This might include building additional facilities, acquiring new equipment and expanding staff to meet the needs of a program that will now also include aircrew support training. SkyAlyne is the only potential supplier for the program that can begin implementing elements of FAcT before the program begins, ensuring a smoother transition and minimizing the risk of disrupting the flow of pilot training.


At the Contracted Flying Training and Support (CFTS) site in Southport, MB, KF Aerospace leads a team of expert companies to provide a wide range of in-service support to the RCAF.

This includes sophisticated training support facilities including classrooms and briefing rooms, utilizing the latest in learning technologies that take full advantage of modern computer-based modules and multimedia options. This allows students to visualize and fully understand the various flight maneuvers and lesson plans long before they ever set foot in an aircraft.

At the NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) program centre in Moose Jaw, SK, CAE delivers academic classroom training to teach student pilots the theory and concepts of flying the Beechcraft T-6 (CT-156 Harvard) trainer aircraft and BAE Systems Hawk (CT-155 Hawk) lead-in fighter trainer aircraft.

Skilled instructors carefully follow the learning curve of each student and tests are administered to ensure they have learned and integrated the theory before moving on to hands-on, simulator training.

Student pilots are also taught topics such as meteorology, the theory of flight, instrument flight procedures, visual flight procedures, aerodynamics, air regulations, and egress training.

Airfield Operations

Air Traffic Control Services are provided at each current contract site, using skilled and experienced professionals. The Air Traffic Controllers handle high volumes of mixed military and civilian traffic in complex, parallel runway operations. In fact, the NFTC program at Moose Jaw has the distinction of being one of the busiest aerodromes in North America.

Canadian Base Operators provides air traffic control support services for the CFTS Program. At 15 Wing Moose Jaw, Serco Canada – a subcontractor for the NFTC Program led by CAE – provides air traffic control. Both are key members of the SkyAlyne Team.

Fire and Crash Support is provided at CFTS Southport by sub-contractor Canadian Base Operators. With more than 25 years of experience providing customized facilities management and logistical support services for Canadian defence clients, CBO also provides Airfield Rescue and Firefighting services with highly trained and dedicated personnel.

Aeronautical Information Services – The KF Aerospace team provides a team of qualified and experienced weather briefers at CFTS Southport. The dedicated professionals provide the services of a Flight Information Centre, managing the maps and aeronautical publications and providing daily weather briefings for local operations and aircraft departing on cross-country training. The airfield is supported with the latest meteorological equipment including an Automated Weather Observation System, allowing for accurate weather information when AIS is not manned.

Student Facilities

Long–term student accommodation is part of KF Aerospace/Allied Wings support services at the CFTS Program.

The complex at Southport, MB, features 96 hotel style single occupancy rooms, a first-floor lounge and laundry facilities. A full-service dining facility is available during and after normal working hours for both staff and students. The staff provides three meals per day based on a balanced diet in accordance with the Canada Food Guide.

There is also a wide range of on-site recreation facilities, including a gymnasium, weight room with a variety of exercise equipment, as well as outdoor facilities including tennis courts, softball diamonds, a soccer field, a 400-metre track, and a 9-hole golf course. There is an easily accessible fitness centre equipped with free weights, exercise bikes, stair climbers and treadmills.

Facilities and Operations Gallery (CFTS and NFTC Programs):

The Hilly Brown (Southport, MB)

At the heart of the CFTS training centre in Southport, MB, is this dedicated purpose-designed facility built by KF Aerospace in 2008.

Known as the Hilly Brown Building, it was named in honour of Officer Mark Henry “Hilly” Brown, who was born in Portage la Prairie, MB, (near Southport) and was Canada’s first air ace of WWII and a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross. Officer Brown was killed in action in 1941.

This 80,000 sq. ft. complex includes classrooms equipped with the latest technology in instructional equipment, student lounges, over 40 advanced technology briefing rooms, 2 boardrooms with video conferencing capability, a 150 seat theatre, a flight planning centre, fitness centre, reference library and ceremonies hall. It also houses sophisticated flight simulators and flight training devices and a fully networked facility for interactive training and distance learning, as well as the main administration offices for KF Aerospace and partner subcontractor staff.