As the incumbent training partners of the RCAF, SkyAlyne offers unmatched experience in contracted fleet management for Canada’s military.

The ability to maintain and repair a training fleet is critical to pilot training. SkyAlyne’s parent companies CAE and KF Aerospace are responsible for overseeing the maintenance and repair of all current RCAF training aircraft through the NFTC and CFTS programs, respectively.

The safety of the trainees and instructors operating these aircraft is a top priority. Achieving high aircraft availability rates are also crucial to the program’s success, so pilot candidates can spend as much time in the air as possible.

CFTS Program (KF Aerospace) & NFTC Program (CAE) Combined Fleet Management Stats:

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Avg. Aircraft Availability Rate
Training Aircraft

Current Training Aircraft


Phase I ab-initio (CFTS)

King Air C-90B

Phase III multi-engine (CFTS)

B206B Jet Ranger

Phase III single engine rotary (CFTS)

B412 CF Outlaw

Phase III twin-engine rotary (CFTS)

Beechcraft T-6 (CT-156 Harvard)

 Phase II, III (NFTC)

BAE Systems Hawk (CT-155 Hawk)

Phase III, IV, lead-in fighter trainer (NFTC)

KF Aerospace: Canada’s Largest Commercial MRO

Our solution to the Future Aircrew Training Program is backed by KF Aerospace – Canada’s leading commercial maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) provider with a long and proud history of working with the RCAF.

KF Aerospace produces more than 1,000,000 hours of aircraft maintenance work annually. Relied on by Canada’s largest airlines, as well as Canada’s military, KF Aerospace proudly delivers quality, timely results for their customers.

Maintaining a high serviceability rate is key to ensuring that there are enough aircraft and helicopters to support the daily training program. At CFTS Southport, KF Aerospace Maintenance & Engineering and Canadian Helicopters Limited have a full complement of skilled and experienced aircraft technicians who continually achieve +90% availability rates, keeping RCAF pilot candidates in the air for live-flying training.

At Southport, KF Aerospace owns and operates two maintenance hangars that provide over 78,000 sq. ft of space to conduct snag repairs, regular and heavy maintenance on all fleets, and nightly storage of the aircraft.

KF Aerospace: Recognized DAO by the Department of National Defence

In 2013 KF Aerospace was granted full recognition as a Design Approval Organization (DAO) by The Department of National Defence’s (DND’s) Technical Airworthiness Authority. KF Aerospace is also a DND Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) and is ISO 9001-2014 Certified.

Achieving official DND-recognized DAO/AMO status has streamlined KF Aerospace’s turnaround times on aircraft and components needed to support Canada’s military. These capabilities include:

  • Major modification services (Prototype and Fleet Embodiments)
  • Conducting spot and seam welding on military aircraft and components
  • Holding full DND ERP (DRMIS) implementation and multi-operator qualifications
  • Maintaining full-time Aircraft Maintenance Control and Records offices for maintaining DND Fleet maintenance activities and planning
  • DAO Recognition for Engineered Repairs
  • Obsolescence Management services
  • Embedding company personnel with military offices to assist with aircraft maintenance management activities

KF Aerospace: Maintenance Partner of RCAF West Coast Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue (FWSAR)

In 2009 KF Aerospace was assigned the contract to complete extended life cycle support for the RCAF Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue (FWSAR) fleet of DHC-5 (CC-115) Buffalos and the DHC-6 (CC-138) Twin Otters and their components. This support includes modernization, manufacturing, testing, air-worthiness approval, and logistics support. This includes:

  • Non-destructive testing (NDT)
  • Structural repairs
  • Maintenance and obsolescence planning and management

Since being assigned the contract, KF Aerospace has embedded personnel for long and short periods in Ottawa, Comox, Resolute Bay and Yellowknife, providing the RCAF with technical management assistance and mobile repair party services.

In 2011-2012, KF completed a cockpit modification/upgrade on the RCAF’s fleet of Twin Otters, including installing modern avionics such as new navigation and communications systems on the aircraft. KF engineers and technicians were tasked with performing all phases of the project, including planning and design, installation and all phases of testing and troubleshooting, allowing these RCAF aircraft to get back up in the air and back in service in the Canadian Arctic.

KF Goes Above and Beyond in Twin Otter Rescue

In March 2019, an RCAF CC-138 Twin Otter was damaged after hitting a snowbank while conducting training in Nunavut, in Canada’s far north.

As the contracted maintenance partners for the RCAF’s West Coast FWSAR, KF Aerospace sent a team of experts to dismantle and assist in shipping the aircraft back to KF’s Kelowna facility for repairs. The Twin Otter was soon returned to service.

Said Lieutenant-Colonel Devlon Paquette (440 Squadron Commanding Officer) about the KF crew who took part in the project:

“This dedication and commitment to success and the professional approach to aviation maintenance excellence did not go unnoticed by our crew. They represent what KF Aerospace strives to deliver, and that is superior aircraft support to all their clients. Please convey my personal gratitude and accolades to your maintenance staff and to your whole team for the support in this recovery.”