SkyAlyne is a partnership between CAE and KF Aerospace, two Canadian aviation and defence leaders joining to provide a truly Canadian solution to the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program.

We are a team of defence and aviation industry experts from across Canada, ready to help prepare the next generation of Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilots and aircrew. With our vast expertise and deep ties to Canada’s military, we can provide the best innovative training solution, the lowest transition risk and optimal benefits to Canada’s economic and strategic goals through the FAcT program.

Our story so far…

In 2018, KF Aerospace and CAE joined to form SkyAlyne to jointly bid on the Government of Canada’s Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program.

What is FAcT? Currently, all Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) pilots are trained through two contracted programs. The NATO Flying Training in Canada (NFTC) Program in Moose Jaw, SK, and Cold Lake, AB, is managed by CAE. KF Aerospace manages the Contracted Flying Training and Support (CFTS) Program in Southport, MB. Both these contracts will be replaced by FAcT, the next-generation solution combining all phases of military pilot training and aircrew training (currently being done by the military in Winnipeg, MB).

To determine the next single contractor for FAcT, the Government of Canada has announced a competitive bidding process and chosen a small number of pre-qualified suppliers, including SkyAlyne. The contract award is expected in 2023.

As we prepare our bid for FAcT and gather our team of experts and partners from across Canada, we continue to deliver two excellent training programs and are already looking forward to what the future of aircrew training might look like for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Today, we’re hard at work preparing our proposal and ensuring that we will meet and exceed all RCAF and Government of Canada requirements to train the next generations of pilots and aircrew.

While we are working together to build upon the best practices of our current programs and develop an innovative and flexible training program for our future RCAF aircrew, as the only truly Canadian qualified supplier for the FAcT program, we will also ensure all program benefits and potential future export benefits stay in Canada, helping to grow Canadian businesses and communities for many years to come.

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