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SkyAlyne is the Future of Aircrew Training

Over the next three decades, SkyAlyne’s solution for the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program will provide proven, yet innovative training strategies to ensure Canada’s military pilots and aircrew have world-class skills and capabilities.

To do this, we rely on the expertise of Canadians from coast to coast to coast. That means providing a wide range of opportunities for employment, job training and Indigenous partnerships.

Explore SkyAlyne’s comprehensive, Canadian-based solution for Canada’s FAcT Program.

Part 1 – The Future of Aircrew Training

Part 2 – Canadian Experts in Aircrew Training

Part 3 – Indigenous Partnerships

Part 4 – Collaboration and Leadership

Part 5 – Airworthiness

Part 6 – Innovation

Why SkyAlyne is the best solution for Canada’s Future Aircrew Training solution…

  • SkyAlyne is ready to hit the ground running with teams of experts already in place and operating Canada’s two current military pilot training programs (that will be transitioned to FAcT). We offer a seamless, low-risk collaborative transition to the new program.
  • SkyAlyne will continually innovate aircrew training, leveraging our capabilities as world-leading Canadian companies to keep the RCAF at the forefront of emerging technologies, such as VR, AI and advanced data analytics.
  • SkyAlyne will build on our foundational relationships with Canada, the RCAF, the aerospace and defence industries and local communities to jointly manage this complex program and to extend opportunities further to Canadian and Indigenous Canadian businesses and suppliers
  • SkyAlyne will leverage our decades of experience in military aircrew training as companies and as former high-level uniformed members in the Canadian Armed Forces
  • SkyAlyne will grow the jobs and economic benefits entirely in Canada through a pan-Canadian partner collaboration in every province and region.
  • SkyAlyne will work collaboratively with the RCAF to maximize training effectiveness to reduce overall time in training
  • SkyAlyne will ensure RCAF students train with cutting-edge aircraft, simulators and training equipment that is supported by efficient and effective expert teams
  • SkyAlyne will help the RCAF keep Canadians secure and sovereign in an increasingly complex world, because…
  • SkyAlyne is a team of CANADIAN experts. This is our home and we want to make sure the RCAF gets the training quality and quantity they need to keep Canadians safe.

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Explore Canada’s Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program – a next-generation pilot and aircrew training program for the Royal Canadian Air Force.

Learn more about the SkyAlyne Team – a team of Canadian experts from coast to coast to coast.

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