SkyAlyne’s selection for Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) will ensure all economic benefits and opportunities generated by the program remain in Canada – now and for the long term.

SkyAlyne is the only truly Canadian solution for the FAcT program – made of Canadian founded and rooted companies and utilizing 100% Canadian content in its supply chain and partnerships.

We’ve assembled an all-Canadian team of expert subcontractors to join our bid for FAcT. Collectively, the full SkyAlyne Team employs more than 14,000 Canadians and operates in every region of Canada – from coast to coast to coast.

If awarded the FAcT contract, we will create more quality and lasting opportunities in Canadian communities and First Nations communities.

Combined annual revenue (CAE and KF Aerospace)
Canadians employed (Full SkyAlyne Team)
Operation & locations across Canada (Full SkyAlyne Team)

Fulfilling FAcT’s Key Industrial Capabilities (KICs)

SkyAlyne will provide the highest level of direct Industrial Technology Benefits (ITBs) and Value Proposition (VP) to promote Key Industrial Capabilities (KICs) and optimize long-term success for Canadian industry.

We use best practices and continuous improvement to ensure quality, cost-effective training in the optimal time frame. KF Aerospace and CAE’s core businesses here in Canada evolve around the Future Aircrew Training KICs within the leading competencies and critical industrial services; namely Training and Simulation and In-Service Support.

Canada can reap the benefits from our continuous investment in our core businesses to allow for an evolving and cost-effective solution for FAcT.

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How can Canada leverage the generational Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program to create jobs, drive R&D at home and help build lasting opportunities for Indigenous businesses and communities? Check out this interview with With Abir Kazan, SkyAlyne Capture Manager, and Peter Fedak, CFTS Site Manager, in the Vanguard Magazine Canada podcast!

Exporting Opportunities for Canadian Training Excellence

According to the most recent State of Canada Defence Industry Report Canada’s defence industry, which employs more than 60,000 Canadians and generates $10 billion annually, derives about 60 percent of its revenues from exports.

SkyAlyne presents a unique opportunity for Canada. As the only Canadian founded and rooted qualified supplier for the Future Aircrew Training Program, SkyAlyne guarantees that any future export of our training solution to allied/partner militaries would see those benefits return to Canada.


Proven Canadian exporter of live-flying and ISS

SkyAlyne parent company CAE has a lengthy record of achievements as an exporter and offsets partner – dating all the way back to the CAF-104 Starfighter program of the 1960s, which led to orders for simulator sales from several NATO allies.

Today, harnessing expertise with the NFTC program, CAE is a proven exporter of Canadian-based military flight training capabilities, with its end-to-end TSI live-flying and ground-based training solution for the US Army Fixed Wing Training Program, and with its signature CAE Dothan Training Center.

KF Aerospace

International leasing and maintenance provider

KF Aerospace has also delivered quality and timely results for international militaries, including avionics upgrades for the Bolivian Air Force, in addition to its existing maintenance contract with the Royal Canadian Air Force.

KF is also an experienced international commercial maintenance, cargo and leasing operator, and known to customers worldwide for producing quality, timely results.

SkyAlyne’s NFTC experience in training partner nations, our global presence, and realities of the marketplace in which our companies operate, all set the expectation that a solution developed by CAE and KF in Canada for FAcT will be readily exportable.

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Examining the Economic Impact of Southport

Hundreds of Canadians are directly employed by KF Aerospace and CAE in the communities of Portage la Prairie, MB and Moose Jaw, SK, home of the CFTS and NFTC programs respectively.

Established as a not-for-profit, non-share corporation in 1992, the Southport Aerospace Centre – site of the CFTS Program led by KF Aerospace/Allied Wings – has a tremendous economic impact on the region and nearby Portage la Prairie, MB.

According to a study released in 2016, the CFTS training program at Southport (in which KF Aerospace is the prime contractor) generates 370 jobs, $13 million in income, $48 million in GDP and $70 million in total economic output.

Under FAcT, those figures are likely to increase substantially to meet the needs of the expanded program, including expanding opportunities with local First Nations and Small and Medium Businesses to ensure a diverse and inclusive workforce.