May 5, 2023

SkyAlyne Previews FAcT Solution on the latest CDR Podcast

SkyAlyne Head of Operations Peter Fedak and FAcT Program Manager Stephane Hebert joined the CDR Podcast recently to give an update on FAcT, talk about SkyAlyne’s readiness to execute and talk a little bit about the aircraft we’re proposing for the program.

Here are some highlights:

  • SkyAlyne has officially submitted all elements of our bid for FAcT
  • SkyAlyne is ready to go to execute the program; awaiting the “all clear” from Canada for take off!
  • SkyAlyne’s Head of Operations reveals the 5 fleets of training aircraft SkyAlyne has proposed for FAcT
  • Touching on SkyAlyne’s commitment to diversity & inclusion with FAcT
  • SkyAlyne FAcT Program Manager Stephane Hebert explains SkyAlyne’s user-centric approach and how it will prepare new RCAF students for the challenges of the 21st century
  • SkyAlyne will prioritize relationships with stakeholders and leverage its existing relationships with Canada and the RCAF as a foundation to expand the FAcT Program

Listen here or find it on your favourite podcast app – Spotify, Apple or Google Play!

The transcribed version appears in the latest edition of CDR Magazine.