June 23, 2021

SkyAlyne aims to carry on the tradition of a made-in-Canada aircrew training solution

RCAF to streamline next-generation pilot and aircrew training under single program

The Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) is committed to procuring a next-generation training contract for both pilots and aircrew by 2023 under the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program. Among the pre-qualified bidders for the multibillion-dollar project, one proponent — SkyAlyne — is committed to delivering an all-Canadian solution that keeps both jobs and economic benefits in Canada and carries on a long tradition of military pilot training in Canada by Canadians.

Formed in 2018, SkyAlyne is a partnership led by major Canadian defence and aerospace firms, CAE and KF Aerospace, which currently provide all phases of Canada’s current pilot training for the RCAF through two separate programs. Under FAcT, the RCAF proposes to increase the number of pilots trained each year — as well as outsource the aircrew training it currently provides in-house — over a contract period of at least 20 years.

KF Aerospace has provided pilot and aircraft support training in Southport, Manitoba since 2005, while CAE has supplied NATO Flying Training in Canada in both Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and Cold Lake, Alberta since 2015. Both companies have additional long-standing support contracts with the RCAF for services that include aircraft maintenance and simulation and training. Joining the partnership is a team of seven Canadian-based subcontractors from across the country.

The SkyAlyne team includes career military personnel, decorated retired fighter and helicopter pilots and armed services veterans, in addition to a strong team of business leaders and technical experts.

“Together, our team employs more than 15,000 people across every region of Canada,” says Tracy Medve, board chair, SkyAlyne and president of KF Aerospace. “With SkyAlyne, all of the economic benefits associated with RCAF training remain in Canada, with advantages for many communities across the country, both large and small.”

The formal request for proposal for FAcT is expected to be issued in the fall. SkyAlyne has been sharpening its pencils and preparing to meet every requirement of this important contract.

“With our decades of combined air force training experience and with our teams already in place on the current contracts, we’re ready to hit the ground running,” says France Hébert, president of SkyAlyne and vice president at CAE. “Choosing SkyAlyne for this contract will ensure the critical task of training our pilots and aircrew is provided by Canadian companies with Canadian expertise, now and for the long term.”


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