Did you know aircrew and pilots in every corner of the globe learn from Canadian training and simulation?

In fact, Canada’s been a leader in pilot training since WWII.

Innovative Canadian aircrew training is a critical capability that supports our Armed Forces and helps keep them and Canada safe.

SkyAlyne is a qualified supplier for the Royal Canadian Air Force’s Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) program, and is ready to deliver the ONLY #TrulyCanadianTraining solution.

SkyAlyne, its parent companies (CAE and KF Aerospace), and its pan-Canadian team of experts collectively employ more than 14,000 Canadians in every region of Canada – from coast to coast to coast. And we export our expertise to Canada’s allies around the world.

A SkyAlyne Future Aircrew Training solution…

  • Keeps the jobs and economic benefits entirely in Canada.
  • Delivers innovative military aircrew training… developed in Canada.
  • Builds on Canada’s heritage and global leadership in pilot and aircrew training.
  • Helps keep Canada safe and sovereign in an increasingly complex world.
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