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November 11, 2020

Honouring the past and looking to the future

Canada owes it to the men and women who come forward to serve and protect our nation and its allies — on the ground, at sea, or in the skies — to provide them with the best possible training.

SkyAlyne is a partnership between CAE and KF Aerospace, two Canadian aviation and defence leaders who have joined forces to provide a truly Canadian solution to the Future Aircrew Training (FAcT) Program. We have deep roots in Canadian aircrew training, going all the way back to the Second World War.

We already deliver two excellent pilot training programs for the RCAF/DND through our parent companies and are ready to take aircrew training in Canada to the next level …immediately!

A SkyAlyne Future Aircrew Training solution…

  • Keeps the jobs and economic benefits entirely in Canada.
  • Builds on Canada’s heritage and global leadership in pilot and aircrew training.
  • Helps keep Canada safe and sovereign in an increasingly complex world.
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